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Raspberry Ketone first gained popularity when Dr. Oz called it “the #1 miracle in a bottle to burn fat and lose weight” on his popular TV show. Dr. Oz admitted he never truly understood the power of Raspberry Ketones to help individuals lose weight until he researched them for that show. Like Dr. Oz, few people knew of the true power of Raspberry Ketone prior to the shows airing. It’s now become wildly popular and for good reason.


While Dr. Oz is certainly the most famous Raspberry Ketone proponent there are thousands of others that have experienced first hand the power of Raspberry Ketone supplements. Raspberry ketones have been found to increase the production of adiponectin, a protein that is involved in the breakdown of fat cells. A recent study published in the journal Life Sciences found that natural raspberry ketones (from real red raspberries) helped reverse weight gain induced by a high-fat diet by increasing the production of adiponectin. On top of that it has been found that Raspberry Ketones can help to suppress an individuals appetite and regulate their metabolism. All of this works together to help YOU lose more weight and get the body you’ve always wanted.

If you’re looking for a fantastic Raspberry Ketone supplement, that is focused on quality, results and safety then you have to try our Raspberry Ketone Supplement. This supplement contains 500 mg of pure Raspberry Ketone with 60 capsules per bottle making it a full months supply. Read below to find out more about the criteria you should pay attention to when selecting a Raspberry Ketone supplement and to find out more about our supplement.

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Avoiding Bad Raspberry Ketone Products

How YOU Can Avoid Bad/Ineffective Raspberry Ketone Products


In order to safely buy Raspberry Ketones its important to know a couple things. First, you should know that not all Raspberry Ketone products are created the same just because they may have similar ingredients or names.

Weight loss results with raspberry ketone are dependent on the quality and quantity of the raspberry ketone extract you buy. So before you buy, make sure and look at reviews of the product you are planning to buy (heres a link to our page with some reviews). Next, make sure the raspberry ketones you choose meet all the criteria listed below.


How NOT To Throw Away Your Money


There are tons of Raspberry Ketone products out on the market that are made extremely cheaply that simply WILL NOT WORK. In order to minimize costs tons of manufacturers are making Raspberry Ketone products that made cheap to cut costs and drive up profit. They break many of the rules below and were made simply to CASH IN on the craze. If you don’t want to throw away your hard earned money read the guidelines below

  • Like I mentioned above, make sure and read reviews of the product you are going to buy (our Amazon reviews). Can’t find reviews? RED FLAG!
  • Pay Attention to Extra Ingredients. Ideally you want the product to be 100% pure raspberry ketone. If not know what the other ingredients are, often ingredients are added to confuse you into thinking the product has more Raspberry Ketone than it really does. If you don’t know what the ingredient is look it up and research it or stick to a product with PURE Raspberry Ketone.
  • Check the Dosage of Raspberry Ketone. Some companies skimp on the amount of Raspberry Ketone to cut costs. Some products have only 100-200mg of raspberry ketone in it, which is simply not enough to be effective. The most common range for best results is typically between 700 and 1000 mg per day split up to two servings a day. Also when looking at the label make sure and pay attention to serving size, some products will say 2 capsules is 500 mg to try and confuse you into thinking one capsule is 500 mg.
  • Beware of Synthetic Raspberry Ketones. Another cost cutting method is to use raspberry ketones grown in labs instead of natural. In the study mentioned above 100% pure natural raspberry ketones were used, this is often a reason why some products are found ineffective.

So, make sure and do your research, check the label and read some reviews to make sure the product meets the criteria above. If it doesn’t and you want to save your money, DON’T BUY IT! (click here to see our label)

Here are some more factors that are also important:

  1. Make sure it has 500mg’s of real Raspberry Ketone per serving. To ensure you get the recommended dosage.
  2. Make sure there are no extra fillers, binders or added ingredients (except what’s needed to make the capsule).
  3. Make sure the manufacturing facility is GMP certified. This is for safety reasons, make sure safety is as important to them is it is to you.


What About Us? Do We Meet This Criteria?


Our product was created to meet these demands. Our Raspberry Ketone product was developed  to help you shed pounds in the safest and most effective ways. We are not here to promote unsafe methods to lose tons of weight overnight. We want to help you lose weight in a safe and effective way so that you can keep the weight off for the rest of your life. Our product was designed with these goals in mind. Here is how we meet the criteria established above.

  • First you can check some user submitted reviews on
  • We add NO Extra Ingredients, just pure raspberry ketone
  • We offer 500 mg of Raspberry Ketone per capsule, with 60 capsules in a bottle. This is a 1 month supply based on the recommended serving of 1000 mg per day.
  • Our Raspberry Ketone is 100% pure natural raspberry ketone.
  • Our product contains no binders, or fillers.
  • Safety is of the utmost importance, our state of the art facility is a GMP certified facility, every raw material that enters the facility is tested to ensure it meets standards. On top of that rigorous testing is performed during the manufacturing process which is essential to the safety of the final product. The standards mentioned are never compromised. All product must go through a detailed 38 step quality assurance check before it leaves the facility.

Raspberry Ketone Apex Solution supplement is of the highest quality, as you can see we never sacrifice quality or safety in our manufacturing. If you are as serious about losing weight as we are about the quality and safety of our product,  then I urge you not to settle for a cheap/ineffective alternative. That will end up being a costly choice!

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We Know You’ll Love It!

We know you will love our Raspberry Ketone Apex Solution diet supplement so we have created a 100% risk free guarantee. Let us accept all the risk so you can worry about losing weight and getting your ideal body!

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